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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bluetooth Headset That you can Wear on Your Finger

With a straightforward twist, The O.R.B. transforms from a hoop to a receiver worn on the ear that's capable of hands-free vocation. Incorporating HiWave™ technology, the O.R.B. could be a “Digitset™” that gives high-quality bone physical phenomenon audio while not the discomfort of inserting a tool within the ear. A deluxe edition conjointly options AN E Ink show for display, text electronic communication, and calendar reminders.

To use the ring as a receiver, merely take away it from the finger and twist open round the hinged joint. The ring (now a headset) is placed over the higher ear, between the ear and also the facet of the top. The transmitter finish of the receiver rests simply on top of the jawbone and utilizes twin speaker “voice annihilation” DSP technology. The transmit exciter electrical device rests simply behind the external ear.

The O.R.B. are going to be out there in a very kind of sizes, out there in designs for each men and girls.

All sizes have AN enlargement hinge, spring prongs and adjustable adhesive soft pads on the inside edge, which give a secure and cozy match on the finger (or thumb) still because the ear.

The O.R.B. options military-grade seals and gaskets, creating it totally waterproof and engineered to accompany you on any journey.

The ring vibrates, alerting the user to AN incoming decision, text message, or event reminder. The user will look down at the finger and see a horizontal streaming message of caller I.D. or meeting schedules. If acceptive AN incoming decision, the user twists open the O.R.B., slips over the ear, and begins the voice communication. If declining incoming calls or texts, or dismissing event reminders, the user will merely push the cancel button with the O.R.B. still idle on their finger. once not in use the ring is a time device/alarm clock. If the user would really like to silence a decision he/she will merely bit a button on the band.


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