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Samsung Z smartphone will have Tizen OS

will begin selling a smartphone that runs on its Tizen operating system in the third quarter of this year, advancing the company's plans to reduce dependence on Google's Android software

Samsung Galaxy S5 to arrive in 2014

6 MP, 4640 x 3480 pixels, autofocus, LED flash Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors Size1440 x 2560 pixels, 5.25 inches (~559 ppi pixel density) Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, .


With the G2, it seems like LG took a lot of cues from its Korean counterpart and built what many called a Galaxy S4 clone. It's large, made of lots of plastic, shaped similarly and is jam-packed with more features than a single person can handle.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Xperia Z Full Review

The Sony Xperia Z is that the latest entry within the Japanese company’s burgeoning vary of humanoid good phones and comes with the sort of specifications that dedicated mobile geeks stay awaken all night dreaming of. There’s a one.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 13.1-megapixel camera, 4G cellular property and 16GB of inbuilt storage, which might be increased mistreatment microSD cards.
All of that pretty fashionable  technical school is protected by case style which can survive a dip in water of a depth of up to one metre for thirty minutes. And it's dustproof still.

Should I get the Sony Xperia Z?

The Xperia Z is that the 1st huge humanoid phone launch of 2013, and marks Sony’s entry into the rapidly-expanding quad-core field of battle. It’s additionally one thing of a monster, due to its mammoth 5-inch 1080p “Reality” show. If you balked at the scale of the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3, then the scale of this blower area unit doubtless to cause your hands extensive pain.

Assuming you don’t have the miscroscopic paws of cub, there’s associate awful ton to love here. The 1.5GHz quad-core flower computer hardware is blisteringly quick, and options like HDMI-out and NFC support make sure that the Xperia Z is at the fashionable  of mobile technology. the shortage of humanoid four.2 is somewhat dissatisfactory, however Sony is keen to worry that the phone are going to be upgraded this latest version shortly when unharness, thus it’s not as huge a difficulty as you would possibly imagine.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the horizon, Sony is creating a really daring move by launching this phone currently, however unless the S4 is capable of creating your morning occasional and taking the dog for a walk then I doubt the Xperia Z goes to be completely inferior. If you’re within the marketplace for a replacement phone straight away and area unit comfy with a screen size that is virtually tablet-like in its proportions, then this is often a counseled purchase -- though it’s price considering the Nexus four, that is on the market SIM-free for around £200 less.

Design and show

The Xperia Z marks a forceful departure for Sony’s designers -- gone area unit the hooklike edges and rounded corners that outlined the likes of the Xperia T and Xperia Arc S. Instead, we’ve been precocious a block of technical school that appearance spookily just like the stone in 2001: an area Odyssey (if you’ve got the black version, at least).

It’s a colossal rhetorical modification for Sony, however one I will totally drag. The Xperia Z appearance imposing and delightful at constant time, and is certain to urge the pulses sport of contrivance fiends and casual users alike.

In a move that imitates the iPhone fourS and Nexus 4, the Xperia Z is clad in safety glass front and back, giving it a shiny look that makes it look seriously fashionable -- however it additionally means that it attracts fingerprints like nobody’s business. At just 7.9mm in thickness, it’s additionally extraordinarily svelte. deliberation in at 146g, it’s not the lightest phone on the market, however it’s unlikely to strain your garment pocket either. round the edges of the phone you’ll discover further strips of shiny plastic, that additional enhance this handsome aesthetic.

You’ll additionally end up inspecting every corner for ports and openings -- that area unit all coated by flaps so as to facilitate the Xperia Z’s ability to resist dirt and water ingress. The phone can gayly take a swim at depths up to 1m, for thirty minutes at a time, that primarily means that if you drop it down the john however retrieve it fleetly, there'll be no damage done -- except for the affront of getting to shove your pass on a dirty rest room, of course.
The Xperia Z’s 5-inch one,920x1,080-pixel 'Reality Display' pops with color and plangency, and packs a component density of 443ppi -- departure the iPhone 5's 326ppi panel intake dirt. If rumours area unit to be believed, it ought to even be spectacular enough to travel toe-to-toe with the Galaxy S4’s show.
This 1080p screen has the sort of clarity you’d usually expect from your tv. It’s not possible to recognize individual pixels, and high-res pictures look beautiful. Sadly tho', a number of the app icons on humanoid haven’t been designed thereupon reasonably resolution in mind, and find yourself trying somewhat foggy and unclear. This grievance will hardly be leveled at Sony tho'. with the exception of a really slight issue with viewing angles, the Xperia Z’s screen could be a winner.

Processing power and computer code

It’s taken Sony a short time to urge there, however the corporate has finally joined the quad-core club with this flagship phone. within that skinny case beats a one.5GHz quad-core flower S4 professional chip, backed by a commodious  2GB of RAM. This makes it one among the quickest humanoid phones around, and also the usual gamut of benchmark tests reveal some really terrible power. Antutu Benchmark offers the phone a score of twenty,031, pulverising the Samsung Galaxy S3’s twelve,467, whereas Quadrant commonplace awards the phone a seven,995, that trumps the HTC One X’s rating of four,904.

In GLBenchmark two.5.1’s Egypt HD on-screen take a look at, the Xperia Z clocks a score of three,399 at thirty frames per second, and Vellamo -- that tests net performance -- rates the phone at two,185, beating each the Galaxy S3 (1,580) and also the HTC One X (1,625).

Finally, there’s the Epic bastion benchmark, within which the Xperia Z earns a rating of fifty six.6 frames per second on the high performance take a look at and fifty five.7 on the top quality take a look at. this is often one seriously powerful blower, and no mistake.
All of this raw power implies that Sony’s quad-core beast makes short work of most humanoid applications and games, however astonishingly there area unit still transient moments of holdup and stutter. If i used to be reviewing this phone six months past then I’d be willing to place this all the way down to Android’s ancient performance problems, however since the Nexus four arrived and tested that Google’s OS will run as sleek as silk, I’m less inclined to let it slide. Hopefully a computer code update will rectify the occasional pauses.
The phone comes with humanoid four.1 on board, though Sony is adamant that a four.2 update are going to be pushed out before long when launch. Sony’s own skin sits on prime of Google’s OS, and offers a series of exclusive gildings. The lock screen is especially winning. It imitates the design of a group of window blinds, and moving your finger over the surface of the screen causes the blinds to ripple and bend. you'll additionally access your music player and camera from the lock screen, though the camera app doesn’t fan the flames of anyplace close to as quickly because the one on the Nexus four.
Sony has diluted its custom widgets on this phone, and also the pointless Timescape social soul has fortunately been removed entirely. the tiny Apps system that premiered with the Xperia T has been maintained, and permits you to launch things like voice recorders and calculators from the humanoid multi-tasking menu. additional of those apps is put in from the Google Play market, and though the quantity accessible continues to be quite restricted, they’re taking possession the proper direction.

NFC and property

NFC has been a part of humanoid since the Nexus S launched in 2010, however except for humanoid Beam and also the ability to automatize components of your phone’s practicality with special NFC tags, few hardware makers are able to totally exploit its power. Thankfully, it might seem that Sony is taking the technical school terribly seriously so with the Xperia Z.

NFC permits the device to speak with different Sony merchandise, like the newest vary of Bravia televisions. simply by touching the phone to the TV, you'll mirror the screen to indicate off your monstrous thirteen.1-megapixel snaps.
This kind of property seems like the longer term, and it’s encouraging to visualize Sony adopting such a forward-thinking approach. Of course, you’ll need to invest in an upscale receiver to require advantage of it, however knowing such a exploit is feasible may influence your getting alternative next time you’re within the audiovisual section of your native physics merchandiser -- a reality that Sony extremely ought to be exploiting with additional enthusiasm.

The Xperia Z comes with support for 4G property, which suggests its prepared for the longer term of mobile. Sadly, just one network within the Great Britain is providing this speedy service, thus unless you’re already mistreatment EE and don’t mind shopping for the phone SIM-free, you’re not getting to be able to benefit of these blistering information transfer speeds simply nonetheless. This after all may modification as 2013 rolls onward -- expect to visualize different suppliers providing 4G within the not-too-distant future.

Camera and video

Sony’s no intruder to swing silly megapixel counts on its portable cameras and also the Xperia Z is not any exception -- it offers an implausible thirteen.1 megapixels of imaging goodness. All the pixels within the world don’t mean a jot if the particular camera could be a clumsy person, however with mercy that isn’t the case here. Sony’s latest phone produces some wondrous pictures, providing lush shots despite lighting conditions.
The usual choice of choices area unit gift and proper, together with image stabilisation and HDR. you'll additionally use 'Superior Auto' and permit the phone itself to pick out the right scene for the snap you’re taking. HDR is additionally accessible throughout video, which ends up in some beautiful footage -- though like HDR stills, you ought to be ready for a few virtually unreal, supernatural results.

Battery life and storage

With a bright 5-inch screen and quad-core computer hardware it’s comprehendible that the Xperia Z is kind of a hog once it involves battery life. If you’re mistreatment the phone plenty and also the screen is on a high luminousness, you’ll solely get around four to 5 hours.
Sony is clearly tuned in to this and has introduced Stamina Mode, that fully disables all mobile information activity once your screen powers down. once engaged at nighttime, Stamina Mode is aggressive enough to make sure that battery consumption is as spare as doable -- throughout our take a look at, we tend to detected that the battery level hardly born the least bit throughout the wee hours.


Transparent Smartphones Coming in 2013

Polytron Technologies says that clear and clear smartphones area unit coming back this year in 2013. These phones, in keeping with the clear glass-makers, would be for the most part clear except that it'll still reveal some internal phone electronic equipment, batteries, and parts like chips, antennas, modems and memory cards. Most of the phone would then be vaporous except the non-sexy elements, which is able to be lined by a casing of some sort–likely a plastic or metal shell.
A paradigm of the device was shown recently, however the paradigm was non-functional. Despite that reality, Polytron head guided missile Yu says that he’s operating with all smartphone makers to deliver this technology commercially this year.


According to school Hive, it’s still unclear what quantity a clear smartphone would value once it gets free. However, it looks that the technology area unit mature and that we will begin to visualize product that were once idea return to life this year.

The move would vary from the method phones area unit created these days. instead of plastic or metal shells–or even painted glass ones like that on the iPhone four, iPhone 4S, and therefore the Google Nexus four, the phone would be clear with opaque electronic equipment with Polytron’s special glass. Polytron, that has created a reputation for itself generating privacy glass screens wherever at the push of a button, electrical phenomenon will remodel clear glass into opaque glass to function privacy screens. On the surface although, this might not appear prudent or perhaps sensible on a smartphone, however here area unit some potential applications of the technology within the mobile trade.

1. activity and sanctionative muddle

urlCertain non-critical parts of a phone will be hidden behind clear or coloured glass, which might flip clear once a user has to access those parts. Apple had recently filed for a patent for associate degree iPhone with similar technologies wherever a biometric fingerprint reader was hidden. as an example, if you had a white iPhone, once not required, the fingerprint reader would be hidden beneath white glass that was similar in color tones because the remainder of the phone. However, once associate degree app or the system incorporate user authentication, the iPhone would amendment the glass to clear to reveal the fingerprint reader and users will swipe their fingers, once that the glass would amendment to the white hue once more.

And how concerning activity a secondary show as another example? The Samsung time on Verizon Wireless had a ticker show just under the massive primary show that was accustomed show ticker info. That show, once not required, may well be hidden behind a glass with colours matching the remainder of the phone to grant a continual and seamless look.

2. The Geek issue

urlDeveloper-centric phones that area unit targeted towards geeks might have special powers wherever the phone’s owner would be granted X-ray vision. instead of blessing a developer edition of a phone with a special red color, like what BlackBerry is doing with its developer Z10 model, why not provide the homeowners X-ray vision.

The glass panel behind the geeky Nexus four smartphone, as an example, will be activated to reveal the internals of a phone in an exceedingly manner that’s consistant with Polytron’s privacy glass technology. There’s already been associate degree iPhone idea with a clear show and that we will let our geek imaginations run wild concerning different implications for the school.

There’s been varied case modifications for a few smartphones–including the iPhone–that would provide homeowners X-ray vision to visualize the interior parts. This, doubtfully, would be a thought feature, however would positively be a cool one for technophiles to own and blow their own horns. Hide the parts after you desire a traditional wanting phone, and press a button or activate the feature through computer code to show the rear glass panel clear and you'll be able to visualize and see all the interior parts and electronic equipment. makers will do tiny edition runs of those phones and that i assume they’ll be able to command a worth premium with geeks United Nations agency wish one thing totally different.

3. wearable Computing

urlAnd on the far side phones, there area unit school accessories and gadgets that span the school and fashion divide. We’re getting down to see that a lot of with wearable computing devices, just like the Nike+ Fuelband, the stone Smartwatch, associate degreed doubtless even an iWatch from Apple. These devices not solely got to be practical to perform the tasks that they're expected to finish, however if makers add in an exceedingly trendy part it might expand the attractiveness of those product. almost like however smartphones were relegated to the geeks and IT department before Apple introduced the iPhone and brought smartphones thought in 2007, clear watches and maybe even glasses (a la Google Glass) might become thought sensations.

4. Virtual and increased Realities

urlOne of the standout apps from Nokia’s Lumia series is that the Nokia town Lens app, that permits you to purpose your phone in any direction and find near  points-of-interest listings in this direction thus you'll be able to walk, as an example, 0.6 miles to the closest restaurant if you walked straight ahead. The technology uses your phone’s camera, GPS, and digital compass to show the knowledge on your screen in an exceedingly drawing that shows very little dots on a circle marking wherever the POIs area unit and their distance from you–you’re at the middle of this circle.

One application would be to only purpose your phone straight ahead, as if you’re taking an image. Now, you’ll see the important world bearings–if you’re before of a Barnes & Noble bookstall, you’ll see the building in real time, not simply a re-drawn or picture of it–along with dots and points of interest. Let’s say you’re on high of a craggy street in point of entry, Golden State and will see the highest of buildings from wherever you're. inform the phone and therefore the camera down the road, dots will appear at the highest of those buildings to label the near  delis, cafes, and bistros. It’s associate degree improved world wherever reality meets digital.

5. Improved Alerts and Notifications

urlRather than having bright flashing LED lights gift to warn you if you have got a brand new mail message or a brand new text message, why not have a part of the screen flip clear and reveal that information? One plan is to own the phone’s show be translucent–or even coloured to match the case color thus a white Galaxy S4 might doubtless appear as if a white brick once it’s turned off–when not in use. Then, if a notification comes in, the notification bar at the highest might flip clear and show the notifications looking forward to you. Of course, there area unit different concepts for varied implementations, however the probabilities area unit endless.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sony Xperia U advantages and disadvantares

You know the Sony Xperia U right? Xperia U is one in every of the primary smartphone to be launched by Sony when the official split with Ericsson a couple of months past. antecedence Sony has conjointly free Xperia S for the premium shoppers and Xperia P to class shoppers, and therefore the Xperia U is meant for lower-class phase.

Sony Xperia U could be a transportable with twin core processor and comes with automaton OS a pair of.3 cake though the later will be upgraded to a better version of the automaton four.0 frozen dessert Sandwich shortly at that time. U Xperia equip himself with a five megapixel camera and comes with numerous alternative supporting options like optical device and semiconductor diode flash.

And the following key options or benefits within the Xperia U:

Quad-band GSM /GPRS/EDGE support
3.5" 16M-color electrical phenomenon touchscreen of Full WVGA resolution (854 x 480 pixels) with Sony Mobile BRAVIA engine
Android OS v2.3.7 cake, planned automaton four.0 ICS update
Dual-core one gigacycle Cortex-A9 C.P.U., 512 MB RAM, NovaThor U8500 chipset
5 MP optical device camera with semiconductor diode flash and geotagging, Multi Angle shot
720p recording @ 30fps with continuous optical device and stereo sound
Wi-Fi b/g/n and DLNA
GPS with A-GPS
8 GB intrinsical storage (6 GB user-accessible)
microUSB port (charging) and stereo Bluetooth v2.1
Standard 3.5 metric linear unit audio jack
Stereo FM radio with RDS
Voice dialing
Adobe Flash eleven support
Deep Facebook integration
Accelero meter and proximity detector
Transparent stripe changes color looking on screen content
Replaceable cap at the lowest permits simple customization

While the disadvantages of Xperia U include:
Limited storage with no enlargement choices
No automaton four.0 frozen dessert Sandwich out of box
Some competitors area unit slimmer

Well, the article regarding the benefits and downsides of the Sony Xperia U for you all. if unclear please speak up via comments below.

How do I Beam playlists and songs in Music Hub?Samsung Galaxy NFC

You can only beam musicthat is located in the Music Hub catalog. If you uploaded your own music to the Music Hub cloud locker, you may only beam music located in the Music Hub catalog.
Note: NFC needs to be turned ON to enable beaming. To access the NFC options for your device open the Notification Panel by swiping your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom and touch Settings > More settings. Touch the Off/On slider to turn it on.
  1. From the Music Hub app, touch My Music to access your playlists.Music Hub Homescreen
  2. Select a playlist or song that you wish to share.If beaming a playlist, go to the My Music folder, and open the playlist. If beaming a song, click on a song and open the player page.
    MusciHub Playlist  Player
  3. When you put the devices together, the playlist image will shrink. Touch teh image to begin the transfer of the playlist
  4. .Music Hub Beam
  5. The Playlist will appear in other subscriber’s My Music folder. If beaming an individual song, the song will immediately begin playing on the other subscriber's device.
Note: This feature does not work on the native music player and is limited to Samsung Music Hub.
Samsung, Galaxy S and Media Hub are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Other company names, product names and marks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. Screen images simulated.

Bluetooth Headset That you can Wear on Your Finger

With a straightforward twist, The O.R.B. transforms from a hoop to a receiver worn on the ear that's capable of hands-free vocation. Incorporating HiWave™ technology, the O.R.B. could be a “Digitset™” that gives high-quality bone physical phenomenon audio while not the discomfort of inserting a tool within the ear. A deluxe edition conjointly options AN E Ink show for display, text electronic communication, and calendar reminders.

To use the ring as a receiver, merely take away it from the finger and twist open round the hinged joint. The ring (now a headset) is placed over the higher ear, between the ear and also the facet of the top. The transmitter finish of the receiver rests simply on top of the jawbone and utilizes twin speaker “voice annihilation” DSP technology. The transmit exciter electrical device rests simply behind the external ear.

The O.R.B. are going to be out there in a very kind of sizes, out there in designs for each men and girls.

All sizes have AN enlargement hinge, spring prongs and adjustable adhesive soft pads on the inside edge, which give a secure and cozy match on the finger (or thumb) still because the ear.

The O.R.B. options military-grade seals and gaskets, creating it totally waterproof and engineered to accompany you on any journey.

The ring vibrates, alerting the user to AN incoming decision, text message, or event reminder. The user will look down at the finger and see a horizontal streaming message of caller I.D. or meeting schedules. If acceptive AN incoming decision, the user twists open the O.R.B., slips over the ear, and begins the voice communication. If declining incoming calls or texts, or dismissing event reminders, the user will merely push the cancel button with the O.R.B. still idle on their finger. once not in use the ring is a time device/alarm clock. If the user would really like to silence a decision he/she will merely bit a button on the band.

iPhone 6 (Release Date, Review, Specs)

Many of you weren’t oversubscribed on the iPhone 5′s style. for a few of you the taller screen was odd – it “looks strange at the best,” aforementioned nebulaoperator – and for others it merely wasn’t large enough. Lions87a reckons even four.5 inches would be too little: “popular phones just like the Galaxy S2 and S3 have shown that folks square measure pretty happy today to simply accept larger than what the iPhone five is presently providing.” Writing within the Chicago Sun-Times, influential  technical school journalist Andy Ihnatko suggests that taller isn’t essentially higher. “The good thing about larger screens is nearly entirely in their exaggerated dimension, not their length,” he writes. “A wider keyboard is less complicated to sort on. Books, web pages, and emails can have wider margins and they’ll be more well-off to scan.”

John Gruber of Daring Fireball agrees that larger isn’t perpetually higher, however he’s not a friend of wider, either: whereas he says that “navigating the total screen whereas holding the iPhone in one hand is worse,” rivals’ wider screens mean it “really is much harder to try and do something on them one-handed, as well as typewriting.” a replacement set of patents filed by Apple, that we have a tendency to printed on fifteen Oct 2012, recommend that the iPhone half dozen style may hide external-facing parts like the camera and flash from read employing a polymer-dispersed liquid window which may amendment opacity on demand.

The iPhone half dozen can boost its processor not with the amount of cores however with it’s computer code use. despite the fact that the iPhone half dozen are going to be victimization the A10 processor that is that the quickest processor for any mobile device it'll create the phone quicker by change it’s OS to decrease the speed required to run this apps. Apple may additionally  exploit the new technology IBM claims to possess which may boost the processor speed while not increasing the amount of cores.
Operating System
iOS has been around for a short time, and for several it’s obtaining stale. “I don’t assume anyone will deny that the UI desires a refresh after you see widgets and live tiles on competitors’ phones,” says Vincennes, whereas Tube monkey 2000 says that “the current [UI] is therefore tired and recent it makes it appear very basic, style of sort of a kids’ toy.” Some say that “there square measure such a large amount of tweaks Apple might create to its OS to show it into a lot of of a powerhouse – icons that update with info, or extending the widgets within the notification bar on the far side weather and stocks… Apple is taking things terribly slowly on this front.”


iPhones haven't been low-cost, however in an exceedingly world of credible – and cheaper – competition they appear pricier than ever. or even it’s as a result of the iPhone’s worth has gone up. cross is “surprised no-one has mentioned the value increase for the 16GB model”, whereas Gareth Beavis says that “we merely willnot see however a 16GB model can value £529 / $199, however to double the memory can value an additional £70/ $100 with no alternative changes to the planning.” There’s little question that you just pay a lot of for the materials, work ANd end of an iPhone than you are doing for, say, a plasticky humanoid telephone set, and not everybody thinks that’s worthwhile. “£529 for a phone that's no higher than my six month recent humanoid shows the vanity of Apple,” StairMaster says, whereas Beavis points out that after you think about contracts, “it’s so much and away the foremost costly within the search, and most of the time you don’t even get unlimited information.”


NFC has, presumably below the belt, been dubbed “Not For Commerce” (or a lot of saltily, “No Effing Customers”), except for several it’s the foremost obvious omission from the iPhone five – “not as a result of the technology itself,” says Fmartins, “but to essentially provide the important mass contactless payments want. Plus, i'd like to use the phone as my Oyster card.” Apple is gazing Australian fingerprint technology for NFC mobile payments, therefore it looks that NFC might arrive with the iPhone half dozen.

Release Date

The exact date is unknown as a result of Apple doesn’t need customers to be prepared and push off shopping for iPhone five till the half dozen comes out. however the approximate date is within the middle of June.

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