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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Android Leads the market, But Windows and iOS are Growing Faster

Android remains the market Leader in US Smartphone market because of the wide range of devices available which runs on Android. But the Windows and iOS grew more faster last year.
The new report, from Kantar World Panel said the share of sales of Windows device grew 1.8 percent and iOS sales grew 2.3 percent. Android dominates the market with 51.7 percent of U.S smartphone sales in recent three months. And if we look at iOS device they have attained 41.4%  sales and Windows is far behind with 5.6% sales.
Windows increased sale is coming from feature-phone user who are shifting to Windows Phone as their first smartphone. The report also revealed that Windows phone are popular among old age consumer lying between 50 to 64.
But the report also revealed that Windows phone are also becoming popular among young age group.
Windows phone sales are coming from the popular Nokia Lumia Series. In the comments tell us why you love or hate Windows Phone.
Source: Kantar World Panel 


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