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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors

The iPhone 6 represents the hope for a all-new iPhone. While we expect a small update this year, the iPhone 6 is when we could see a larger screen, a brand new design and new iPhone features Apple can’t squeeze into the same old design.

With this in mind, and chatter about iPhone 6 prototypes with big, high-resolution displays and no home button, designers are working at a fevered pace to deliver iPhone 6 concepts.

iPhone 6 Concept From Apple

While most of the iPhone 6 concepts on this list come straight from talented designers, this iPhone 6 concept is based directly off an iPhone patent filed by Apple. An iPhone patent shows off an iPhone with a curved display that wraps-around the iPhone offering a cool way to interact with the iPhone from the front or back.

iPhone 6 Concept Based on iOS 7 Features

iPhone 6 With 5.7-Inch HD Display

iPhone 6 with a 3D Camera
iPhone 6 with Edge-to-Edge Display
Waterproof iPhone 6 with Notification LEDs


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