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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HTC 8X:Full Reviews

HTC, a well-known mobile manufacturer company which provides best smartphone to its customers. Android is trending these days but windows operating system for mobile is not far behind. Windows 8 smartphones are also gaining Smartphone users attraction. Recently HTC had launched two smart phones based on windows 8 operating system named as HTC 8X and HTC 8S. in this post I am going to tell the reviews of HTC 8X. 
The very first thing is that how the phone look like means design of the phone. If we talk about the design then it is the thing that you can always expect from HTC. Its products always look different and much more attractive than all other smartphones. This phone is very well built it flawlessly weds beautiful glass that curves at the edges with a matte unibody plastic shell. The back of the phone is also designed in such a way that is very easy to hold in hand and its light weight adds to it.
The phone is available in all color option while in India only blue and black is available. This phone is very slim and there is no cover to open as it has a unibody design. The micro-SIM slot is provided on the side, there is no SD card slot and battery is also undetectable.
If we talk of the physical buttons present on the phone than it has SIM slot, power button and camera key on the right, USB port on the bottom and headphone jack on top.
Inspite of having good design, the Physical buttons are lacking somewhere. As its traditional style. HTC provided power button closer to the front end rather than the back, which makes it harder to access the button when you are holding Phone in hand. It is harder to know whether the button you are trying to press is pressed or not and its same for all the physical buttons present on it. The position of USB port is also annoying as it is again upside down.
Overall design of this phone is very good and eye-catching.
After design everyone look for the screen or display of the smart phone ant this HTC 8X has a 4.3 inch super LCD screen with resolution of 1280 x 720. In the recent phone of HTC the display is amazing as in HTC one X and this one also has the same. This 8X has a good display with awesome color, brightness, contrast and sunlight legibility.
If we compare this one with Nokia’s Lumia 920, these two phones are very close. Nokia Lumia 920 is ahead of this one in size and response time but the display of HTC is longer than that of Lumia 920. The aspect ratio is also much better 16:9 for HTC as compared to lumia’s 15:9.
Battery life:-
  • This phone has a 1,800mAh battery. Under normal usage this phone can get you through full day.
  • This phone play 1080p (full HD video) for about 5 hour and 40 minutes which is impressive.
Hardware and software:-
This HTC 8X runs on a Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 SoC, with a dual-core 1.5GHz Krait CPU and Adreno 225 GPU. This phone comes with 1GB RAM and 16 GB internal space which is non-expandable as no SD-card slot is available on the phone, even though windows 8 support expandable memory. This is the point of concern as 16 GB memory is very less it should be atleast 32 GB or even 64 GB.
If we talk about the software this phone then this phone comes with windows 8 and some pre-installed HTC apps. Windows had improved much in last few years and this new version windows 8 is very good as compared to windows 7but still there are few things which should be highlighted like in this OS has no notification center where you can get all your notifications , no option of sending file via Bluetooth until enabled from settings ,there are only three Brightness settings instead of Auto feature there is no way of having different volume levels for ringtones, music player, alarm, headphones, or anything else as we have in Android OS, these is no VPN support and this list continuous as I had mentioned only few points. Although other Operating systems also have many such or other issues but still Windows OS is most irritating among all.
Nokia had tried to reduce such problems with its many useful apps but if we talk about HTC, they had not tried to do anything and don’t provided any useful apps. At end if we talk aout the software then this phone disappoints us but still there are many features to like such as its smooth performance wonderful user interface of windows 8 and many other features.
HTC Windows Phone 8X
  •  Excellent reception quality
  •  Tough scratch-resistant glass
  • Good audio quality
  • Great performance
  • Average camera Quality
  • Unexpandable memory (only 16 GB)
  • Expensive


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