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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC one (Review)

The both Android devices are very similar in their specifications but with some little measurable difference. Let’s check out the difference that will help you to choose the best one according to your taste.

Display Screen
Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch capacitive display while HTC one has a 4.7-inch display. Though the picture resolution of both the devices is same as 1920×1080. The visibility of the text is very sharp in both the Smartphones. So if you are comparing them on the display basis , then there is no big difference at all. Both are tied with each other.

Battery Backup
Every user wants to have a longer battery backup to his Smartphone. In a smart phone you will be always on the 3G mode and the everyday use apps like email, messaging, calling, Social Apps etc. consumes enough battery.
HTC One claims the battery backup of 13 to 14 hours on the average use of the Smartphone while for  Galaxy S4 its just of 12 hours within same uses. So the HTC one wins here.

These both are the premium Smartphone and posses a very high quality of calling facility. Both of these offers the noise cancellation feature which results in a very clear voice while calling.

Music : HTC One and S4 both come with, MP3, FLAC, M4A  music formats. But HTC one has its speakers located at the front which features a louder sound. Also  produce a distortion free higher sound quality. HTC beats Samsung in the case of sound quality.  HTC One comes along with the FM receiver while Galaxy S4 has no such options.

Videos : Samsung is well known for its video quality in Smartphones. HTC one has problems with certain video formats like AVI and HD videos after using the third party apps.

But when using the third party video apps like MX player, S4  produces the higher colour density and it becomes more enjoyable to watch the HD videos on it. So if you are fond of watching HD videos, then Samsung  S4 will be a better option.

Both are superb Smartphone in the case of the performance. A user can play the HD games like Dead Trigger  without any problems. Offering the smooth web surfing, both are featuring with 7MBPS constant  speed .

Both are packed with 2GB RAM, which ensure the effortless multitasking in these Smartphones. But when it comes to switching between apps, S4 lags behind HTC One. HTC provides a very smooth switching feature.

The UI
HTC is using Sense UI while Samsung is having the TouchWiz UI. Though the Sense UI looks better and attractive with the minimalist design.

But HTC one  has only two physical buttons for the navigation. Only Home and Back Buttons are available. The main menu can be accessed only thought the settings option. While in Samsung there are three buttons, Home , Back and the Menu. A user can easily customize the Home Screen very easily and can switch from one app to another.

Galaxy S4 features to work on two apps simultaneously on the single screen. Hence the S4 wins h with the user interface.

Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are very good in capturing the still images. S4 has got a 13 MP rear Camera which founds to be very consistent in performance. The images captured with  the S4’ camera are highly detailed and consists of  good colour and very sharp looking.

Galaxy S4 Vs HTC one
Galaxy S4 Vs HTC one

While HTC One has  the 4MP pixels camera which produces the same resolution for Still image as S4. But due to more MPs S4’ camera is considered to be better than HTC One.

Night mode for both of the devices has the very negligible difference

Which One I should Buy ?
These both Smartphone are better at their own place.  It’s very difficult to choose when you are having delicious sweets in two different plates.

If you want to watch HD video and also with an HD Image shooter and a better UI experience then you must go for S4 otherwise the HTC One remains there.

And if you already having some Smartphone and want to have a good performance of the device the incase of Music and Games then choose the HTC One.


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