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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Panasonic P51 Vs LG Nexus 4 (Review)

Every day the mobile market is filled with the latest Smartphones. Recently the major electronics company Panasonic  has launched its new Smartphone, Panasonic P51 with Android4.2 Jelly bean.  Also we are  having the LG Nexus 4 which was released in November last year .

Both of this smartphone have the similar specifications but comes with some little difference that keeps them apart from each other. Let’s check out the Review and battle between the two quad core Android Smartphones.

Hardware (Processor and Operating System)

Operating System

Both of these smartphone has been packed with the latest  and trendy processor that is the quad-core and the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. Panasonic P51 has been manufactured by Panasonic itself  while the Nexus 4 is a co-produced by LG  and the Google. Though LG is selling the Nexus 4 , so it is considered to be the LG’s Product.

Panasonic P51 Vs LG Nexus 4

Nexus 4 Smartphone is believed to the first Smartphone which will receive any kind of new OS update in itself. It means one upgrade in future if there is some new version of the Android OS will be there.  P51 has been launched last week held the Nexus 4 has gained the global impact as it was launched in November last year.


Nexus 4 features  the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad-Core Processor  with a 400 MHz Adreno 320 GPU while Panasonic P51 Device has been packed with the 1.2GHz MediaTek Quad Core A7 processor with PowerVR Series 5XT Display support.


LG Nexus 4  receives a 4.7 inch WXGA IPS touch display offering a picture resolution of 1280x768pixels. This high resolution has a pixel density of 218 ppi. While the P51 device has a somewhat bigger screen  and offers the 5 inch IPS display with 1280x720px resolution getting the lower pixel density of 295 ppi.   More the pixel density  higher the display quality. So we can judge by this that Nexus 4  may have the best display quality that the P51.


The LG Nexus 4 has got  the 8.0 MP rear camera with LED flash and autofocus support and 4x digital zoom. It also has the  1.3MP front facing camera.

The Panasonic P51 also features the equivalent 8.0 MP primary camera with auto focus and LED flashlight. It can record the videos at the higher resolution (1080p). Is also has 1.3MP front camera.


P51 is offering RAM memory of 1GB  with 4GB internal storage memory which can be increased further by using some MicroSD cards. LG Nexus 4 packs with 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. The bad thing about Nexus 4 is that it doesn’t have any support for external memory cards just like the P51.


Since the both of the devices have similar hardware/ Software configurations (Android 4.2 and quad core processor). The 2GB RAM of Nexus 4 makes it more reliable while multitasking as compared to P51 device.


  There is  the very minor difference between the cost of the Smartphones (LG Nexus 4 and Panasonic P51). The P51 device is available in Indian markets at the price of Rs 26,900 ($517). Where as the Nexus 4 has a price of Rs. 25,999.

Final Words

You may have read the specifications of  both of the devices at their launch and  here comes the time to decide which one will be a better choice among these two. As per the specification Nexus 4  is better in several features from P51 but it doesn’t have the Micro SD card support.


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